Grab the undivided attention of trade show attendees and convert them into revenue


Backed by more than 500 trade shows of experience, Seth’s live, interactive magic and mind reading presentation will:

Increase your leads by 100-300%

Generate an ROI of 100-1000%

Solidify your brand as credible and authoritative

“It felt like our booth had an unfair advantage. We won’t go to a trade show without you”

-Director of Marketing, Blackstone

Ready to be remembered?

Time-tested, premier entertainment

In a trade show environment, the biggest challenge for any business is to stop attendees long enough for them to learn about the products or services you offer

Your Product is the Star of the Show

Seth’s presentation exists for one reason: to showcase your product. To ensure attendee’s learn about every crucial element, Seth works closely with your marketing team to create a custom presentation that makes your company and product the star of the show.

Extraordinary Magic & Mind Reading

In order to collect qualified leads, you’ll need to attract prospects to your booth more effectively than your competitors.

Sound complicated? It’s not. Success at a trade show doesn’t take luck – it just takes magic.


“…Your ability to integrate our corporate philosophy into your presentation has put us in the enviable position of having hundreds of qualified leads to follow-up on. While I have planned numerous trade shows for MedTech over the last six and a half years, this by far was the most enjoyable and most productive”
-The MedTech Group


“…I would conservatively estimate that your performance tripled the attendance at our booth.”
-President, Lexicomp


“Seth is the only guy I’ve ever seen who can sell our product better than our own sales team. If you want to use a professional, use Seth Kramer”
Ron Gravette, President, The Original Super Glue Corporation

How Seth’s trade show magic works

The Purpose
The purpose of Seth’s presentation is to create a seamless integration that showcases YOU. Your products, your benefits, and your brand are guided into the spotlight to entire rooms of buyers

The presentation will increase your brand’s reputation, trust, and authority. You instantly become more credible and stand out from your competitors

The Preparation
Seth works intimately with your team to develop an exciting, interactive presentation that naturally incorporates your company’s benefits and features.

This custom presentation is built from the ground up and focuses on 3-4 specific features and benefits, as well as one major element that the viewers should take away and remember afterwards.

The Performance
You’ll get a larger than life entertaining act that occurs twice an hour for the entire duration of your trade show.

Every visitor will receive branded messages from Seth at all points during his presentations – after all, an attendee may join in at any point. The entire audience is guaranteed to understand your company’s value and purpose regardless of when they stopped by.

The Impact
Based off Seth’s 30 years of data, you can expect to:

Increase your leads by 100-300%
Generate an ROI of 100-1000%
Solidify your brand as credible and authoritative

The Ultimate Accessory

If you’re looking for the perfect presentation, check out Seth’s Trade Show
Premiums. These easy to do magic tricks are branded with your company’s logo, making a great
addition to booth presentations.
Trade Show Premiums

Transform Your Next Trade Show

“In a world where we are bombarded with all kinds of information, name retention is hard. Through Seth’s efforts and show, very often when we call people and they don’t remember the company, they do remember the magic. Seth is very much a part of our company.”

-Andrew Greenyer, VP Int’l Marketing, Group 1 Software

Clients Include:

Corner Aisle Presentations:

-Guerilla-style presentations that still deliver the goods
-Dynamic and Live

Perfect for

  • Last minute solutions – preparation time is only two weeks
  • Leveraging a smaller show space – only a 4’x3’ footprint is required

“By far the best trick I saw you do was turning your client’s 10’x20’ exhibit into a 50’x50’ with the crowds you drew for them. Absolutely amazing!”
-The Freeman Companies

Theatre Style Presentations:

-Booth viewers can actually sit and actually attend the show

Perfect for

  • Undivided attention – your sales team is given opportunities to interact with the crowd, scan show badges, or collect detailed lead cards
  • Owning the floor space – a 20’x20’ exhibit or larger will maximize ROI

“Anyone who works with Seth will be very lucky and will bring in tons of
new customers and leads”
-Amanda Smith, Direction of Client Services, Canyon Communications

Transform Your Next Trade Show

“Even our competitors at the IWF show all had nothing but positive things to say about your talents. Everyone was impressed. I am happy to inform you that we will be using your services again at our next trade show. Thanks for making our show the best yet!”
Director of Marketing, Rohm and Haas