Illusionist/Mentalist Seth Kramer 

Wow your employees, clients and customers with a virtual show featuring illusionist and mentalist, Seth Kramer.
Seth’s virtual magic and mind reading show is a live, interactive performance which has been adapted to work over ‘Zoom’ and other online meeting platforms. 
During the show, Seth showcases his incredible magic and mind-reading skills, while interacting with his audience.  You will get to see and hear your friends and colleagues reacting to the mind-boggling presentation as Seth brings them into his show and reads their minds right through the screen!
By bringing along a few simple props, like a deck of cards, a pencil or pen, and some scraps of paper, Seth will guide your audience so they can experience the magic happening in their own hands!  He may even teach them a trick or two that they can perform themselves, to mystify their friends and family.
Custom branded magic boxes that contain all of the necessary props can also be created and sent to your employees and guests in advance of the show.

Virtual Painting Party

Missing paint class? We will mail each of your teammates all of the raw materials necessary for the class, and our professional artist will guide them through the day’s painting. Your guests are welcome to follow along or paint something of their own. Like Bob Ross said, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” 


Virtual Trivia Show

Looking for a way to energize your team?  Our virtual trivia game shows are the perfect solution to provide a fun and competitive team-building activity designed to engage your team.  Our live host and leaderboard will keep participants motivated and smiling throughout the event. 

Looking for a more tailored experience?  We also offer themed games, question customization, and corporate branding

Virtual Handwriting Analyst

Our virtual handwriting analyst is a fun, interactive experience that’s filled with surprises.

The show begins with an entertaining look at some famous and celebrity signatures.  

You’ll have fun learning about their handwriting slants, the meaning of the spaces between words, and their signatures’ legibility.

During the event, a random selection of guests will receive a ‘one-on-one’ handwriting sample analysis where she will interpret the characteristics of their penmanship.

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